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I am, and always will be, the guardian
Meant to protect your heart
Defend your innocence
And forever serve the light

My soft touch will heal your body
My lilting voice will soothe your soul
My caring eyes will give you strength
My white wings will protect you from darkness

I will help you to continue on
Through darkness, heartache, pain
Heal what the dark has done unto you
Always be near when you call

I will watch as you walk away from me
With happiness in your soul again
For this is what brings me true delight
To guide the lost, to lead the followers

I ask nothing from you in return
Though some wish to bruise my body
I will stand tall for those who need me
The lost souls within the last world

I remain alone, I stand alone
What I am is both a gift, a curse
And in order to protect you
I must defend myself